luni, 6 februarie 2012

Lonely grandparents helped by the Romanian Red Cross, Bacău branch

Amid the global economic crisis, Romania is focused, among others, on the objective of increasing social inclusion and reduce poverty in the communities and disadvantaged groups. In Bacau are many elderly who suffer from hunger or lack of meeting other essential needs of existence. In a responsible society for these people on the poverty line, with simple gestures can take advantage of considerable assistance.

Through the programme “Center for care and home assistance for elderly”, Red Cross Bacau advocates for equal access to health care and social services at home for about 120 elderly who are at risk, services that meet the needs of its beneficiaries.

To this end, the Red Cross Bacau on medium and long term, had to develop and strengthen their capacity to develop and promote measures to increase stability and social cohesion as well as members of this community involvement in problem solving occurred locally common.
One such initiative is the "Center for care and home assistance
for elderly. Open a door", project supported by Bacau City Hall and City Council, which aims to improve living conditions and increasing social inclusion to elderly community of Bacau.

Project objectives:

• Improve the quality of life of older people by implementing home care services;
• Providing quality home care and meeting the needs for 120 elderly people in situations: social isolation, poverty, old age, underlying c
onditions requiring medical care, lack of information about rights and obligations, dependence due to illness or old age in the city of Bacau.

To make the day seem lighter, and to make them a little more satisfying life, the Red Cross volunteers and staff, we supported them with care and compassion. <>. It is a great saying from people but unfortunately for many of us passed by. Besides that, we divided the joy, smiles and tears and also passed together over some hard times”, told us the Director of the Red Cross Bacau, Mr. Dan Marcel Babliuc.

And so, year after year, the Romanian Red Cross, Bacau branch is involved in the celebration of International Day of the Elderly (1st October) and organize the event "Open the door!", and the celebration of Christmas, dedicated to those who live in the autumn of life, in order to bring them the real occasion of an event to enjoy it. The event, supported by Bacau Local Council, is an initiative of the young Red Cross team from Bacau.

By everything we do, we want to offer "our grandparents" joy to the soul, and bring a touch of light and warmth to those who have worked a lifetime to create and build goods that we all enjoy.” is the message of the Red Cross Bacau at the end of each action which involves the elderly.

To conclude with, the European year for active ageing and solidarity between generations represents the best way for us to make a change for a better life to our elderly.

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